Star Whores unleashed

This was the most fun I’ve had recording and making a video –
Thank you to friends, new couchsurfer friends and passersby in munich and london who joined us in embracing our innergeek!
Happy Star Whores Day! May the 4th be with you

If you liked the video, please share it with people who might find this entertaining. x
Or get you own ringtone pack and copy of the song to freak out your friends

What would you wear to a Star Whores Party?

science not fiction (2)

Pandorasdiary is a boho folk collective with a passion for making life fun and adventurous for them and the people around them.
Their latest exploit is “Star Whores”, a song written for Star Wars day a few years ago when Pandora was invited to a Star Whores party – and couldn’t figure out what to wear.
This year, Pandorasdiary plans to release the track on 4th of May – Star Wars Day – but it wouldn’t be fun without some dressing up and putting on random catwalks and a chance for people to show what they would wear in the most mundane of settings.

Pandorasdiary invites everyone to have an opportunity in joining in with the fun!
SEND US a pic or video of yourself ready for the virtual star whores party tag it @pandorasdiary #starwhores on Instagram, twitter or Facebook


8th of April 3pm – Bavaria Statue, Theresienhoehe, Munich, Germany
22nd of April 12.00 March for Science (Meeting point TBC)
1st of May 5.30 Wood Green Station

No flashmob near you? MAKE YOUR OWN FLASHMOB!

Email and we will send you the full track and be on hand if you have any questions. Tag pics and video @pandorasdiary #starwhores

What does the track sound like? Well, here’s a teaser 😊

More information – questions?

Why I like having random people to stay

Couchsurfing means having strangers come stay at your house, or staying at the house of a stranger.

Why would you do that?

Ok, they are not complete strangers- I always check the profiles of the CSers who want to stay, and tend to follow my gut feeling about them. Also if they write me a nice request which shows that they have read my profile and are genuinely interested in staying with another human, not just looking for a free place to crash (requests like “Hi, I’m coming to London, and I need a bed. You look really nice and friendly. Can I stay with you?“).

I have had some really wonderful dinners and conversations with my guests, and generally learn something new, maybe a new place on the map, how to cook a new dish, how to say good night… every time.

But I think the most important thing (and it makes me go all warm and gooey inside): is that it shows that trust, sharing and giving are what it’s all about. I think this is one of the reasons I am alive.

Couchsurfing   Sarah Michel2