I love projects!

Currently working on Game for Two – a global collaboration with a rapper in the US, and musicians, sound engineers and film-makers from Indonesia, the US and the UK. The aim is to produce a music video filmed in Sumatra, New Orleans, New York and London.

Thanks to our supporters, we successfully raised 1,200 pounds towards producing the film, and planted 30 trees to act as a boundary to keep palm oil infringing on the national park in the Gunung Leuser National Park. More on our Indiegogo page.

We are currently finishing off the final mix and shooting in London. It’s been a much much longer journey than we expected! The final step will be a premiere and tour of the final music video.

Previous projects:
The Magic Bus Tour:
A trip with the beautiful Swiss hippy soul, Ishantu in her 1979 magic VW bus, Wohali.

Smell the Roses – flashmob tour –
Performing during rush hour in Central London with passers by

The Living Room Tour

First roadtrip tour around Europe performing in living rooms – at the time I only had 3 of my own songs to perform – and not much experience but what I lacked in experience I made up with just going for it 🙂