The Living Room Tour Documentary

The Living Room Tour – Trailer from Pandorasdiary on Vimeo.

The Living Room Documentary
In April 2013, Pandorasdiary, Yasmine Latkowski, Endi Suhendi and Hannah S. drove 2,500 miles, gigging and documenting their travels from London to Munich via Amsterdam, Utrecht, Nieuwegein, Nancy and Basel, playing 6 concerts in 7 days.
The documentary consisting on 7 short episodes will be shown as part of an interactive performance- with musicians performing live before and after the screening.
Screenings planned in London, Munich, Amsterdam, Nieuwegein and Basel in March – May 2014.
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The Living Room Concerts (Teaser) from Pandorasdiary on Vimeo.

The Crew

The schedule: 

 6 days 5 cities 4 living rooms 

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Special thanks to:
Adam Batki
Guillermo Jimenez-Castellanos Holgado at Kosen-Rufu Filmsfor editing and putting this trailer together
Felix Xfile Macintosh for mentoring, inspiration, producing and playing bass Wake Up – I wouldn’t be doing this without you and the Smart Women’s Recording Club
Kelly Teh at Harpylistens for producing and making the backing track for “Don’t Want You Back”-
Endi Suhendi- for driving us safely around Europe, cooking, filming, photographing and generally being fantastic.
Yasmine Latkowski for holding my hand and believing in me on this first adventure.
All my fantastic family and friends – Our crowdfunders

2000 km, 6 days 5 cities 4 living rooms- or that’s what we thought! 

in fact…. 2500 km, 7 days, 5 cities (Utrecht, Amsterdam, Nancy, Basel, Munich) and 6 gigs!
Yours truly, Pandorasdiary, organised a tour with Yasmine Latkowski supporting and Andy Suhendi (Ashman Studio), camera/video, travelled overland London to Munich to make a documentary about the living room tour!