Game for Two

“Game for Two” is a song written by British singer-songwriter – Pandorasdiary – who travelled to the Sumatran Rainforest with film-maker, Anyalita from Guerrilla Tactics Film to collaborate with 3 musicians: John Retno (rhythm guitar), Pandy “Blues Bear” (lead guitar), dan Jungle Lilik (Bass).

Game for Two” adalah lagu ciptaan musisi dari Inggris – Pandorasdiary- yg pergi ke Bukit Lawang di Sumatera Utara utk berkolaborasi dgn 3 musisi di sana: John Retno (rhythm guitar), Pandy “Blues Bear” (lead guitar), dan Jungle Lilik (Bass) sekalian membuat video klip dgn bantuan film-maker dari UK, Anyalita Sobornova. 

The aim of the project is to support unsigned talent and collaboration amongst musicians and creatives around the world, and to introduce people to the musician’s world, wherever that may be. This project also touches on topics which effect all of us, such as deforestation and ecotourism.

Tujuan projek ini adalah mendukung talenta dan kerjasama antara musisi dan org kreatif di seluruh dunia. Projek ini juga membicarakan topik-2 yang mengaitkan seluruh dunia – seperti penghancuran hutan dan ekotourism.


Part 1: Recording a drum track and guide vocals in London (Jan 2015) with Fab Azevado, a Brasilian drummer at Tigersonic Studios, London.

Part 2: Recording and shooting in Sumatra (Feb 2015) with John, Pandi, Lilik, Sarah and Anya

Part 3: Crowdfunding: Thank you to all our crowdfunders for helping us raise £1,231 towards this project!  

Thank you to our crowdfunders and supporters:

Part 4: Recording vocals and flute in London (Sept 2015/July 2016) with Maya and Sarah

Part 5: Recording and mixing track ft. K. Sparks from New York 
Here’s a sneak peak how far we’ve come

Still to come:
(22nd of January 2017) REMIX competition We will release the stems from our tracks for producers and DJs to play around with and make something new. There will be prizes 🙂

Part 6: Shooting in London (February 2017) 

Part 7: Final video edit (February/March 2017)
This will include some amazing footage from Aerial Rhianna aka Amelia Dronehart

Part 8: Launch party in London (April/May 2017)