“Sarah Michel on vocals and guitar is both imaginative and expressive… creating a closeness to the audience through her sonorous laughter… Maya Curry flute flies capriciously through the air… Badische Zeitung

Pandorasdiary are a ‘sultry world folk’ band that have participated in music projects across the world and who specialise in Living Room Concerts (which are FYI awesome, and you should go to one if you can)….” Gorilla Perfumes

Pandorasdiary is a boho folk collective – with a mission to spread connection and child-like joy through our music.
An integral part of the performance and composition is the audience – who are invited to help conducting, beatboxing, clapping, singing or meditating.

We have collaborated with a number of musicians all over the world, including our current Projects – Game for Two featuring musicians in US and Indonesia.
Pandorasdiary was founded by Pandora, who sings and plays guitar and arranges music with the fantastic flutist, Maya Curry, drummer Alette Verwoerd (stompbox and washboard). Derrick Turner often joins us on mandolin and bass, as well as Lena Margareta on trumpet and backing vocals. The result is what we call “bohofolk”.


More Press Quotes
“Sultry world folk” is Pandora’s music style. Last year, her UK-based band Pandorasdiary embarked on “tour of European living rooms.” It was a whirlwind—five countries, six gigs, seven days. “Mad, fast, unbelievable,” said Pandora of the stops along the way: a former brothel, an artist’s flat, a living room-turned-art gallery in Basel. She met a blues singer in Amsterdam and a folk singer in France. One hundred attendees, including friends and family, showed up to support Pandorasdiary at the final stop of the tour: a home appliance repair workshop in Munich… [Pandorasdiary] launched the “Free Living Room Concerts” Airbnb Group, not only performs in such intimate concerts, she curates them, too. (The Treehouse)”

“She’s got that intense/sultry/fearless/bluesy thing going on and we have to warn you — the songs she can come up with in a day might make you a bit jealous.” (National Songwriting Month 2013)

“She is a guitarist, singer and song writer and much of her music expresses her own life experiences that portray honesty, true passion and musical colour.” (Inbox Magazine)

“Thankfully there are artists not only capable of inciting wonder within, but looking to perform in a way that is more special, that lets music subtly quivering with emotion to speak directly to the listener.” (And so she thinks)

“Pandorasdiary currently writes her own music and performs in North London. However you probably won’t find Pandorasdiary in the back of a small pub in London…. you will find her hosting living room concerts, and collaborating with many other musicians.” (Rise And Shine)

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