Electrofolk vs. Folk at the Sawmill

Bye bye pub, hello living rooms

Pub venues where people don’t care about the music are a waste of time and money for everyone. That is one of the reasons living room gigs or house concerts have become so popular in the last few years. Audiences come specifically to listen to music in an intimate space. The musicians enjoy their performance. The music breaks the ice. As some of you know I am passionate about living room concerts, and regularly organise gigs at my and other people’s houses. A very important element is hosting the event, making sure the event is a whole – not just bands randomly placed in a room.

This last gig of the year is both a departure and continuation from the living room concert, and is my experiment for the coming year. I would like to recreate the special living room vibe in a more public venue, and possibly add to the excitement by choosing interesting, alternative venues. So the first of these events will be held in The Sawmill.

The Sawmill 

I found the venue on HireSpace, and chatted to one of the lovely three musketeers who run the place. It is currently a passion project with irregular pop-ups and future plans to open a cocktail bar. So I was really really excited to find out that they would be equally excited about an event in their space. It is all made of upcycled wood and features a lovely honky-tonk piano – I’m thinking this event might end in a jam ))

The Acts: Electrofolk vs Folk


LA-based classically trained pianist and singer-songwriter loops, experiments with sound to create electronic folk.

Matilda Eyre
Electronic beats meet powerful yet silky vocals –


Juxtaposed to the electronic sounds, Pandorasdiary will be presenting their newest addition to their sultry world folk act – a mandolin. Plus, some new weirdness to get everyone involved, and Maya sings some gorgeous new backing vocals 🙂

If you are interested in getting tickets:

Smart Woman and Kick Ass Producer of the Year – Felix Xfile

Diary Entry: 15/03/2014
Today I’m on the tube on the way to finish recording “smell the roses” with a group of amazing people at Tigersonic Studio.

Smart Women’s Recording Club
Well, if you’re a musician it’s time you get acquainted with this kick-ass producer, bassist and mentor.
I first found Felix through meetup- I was looking for a way to get back into music after and 6 year hiatus. I wanted get into songwriting and performing with an all-female band.1655374_532977643482812_2059177650_o I found the Smart Women’s Recording Club
– or maybe it find me- so curious, I attended a Networking Meetup.
I was a bit worried that I wasn’t really


a musician, I was just starting up- I mean id sang in bands but that was way back. But I went along anyway- and introduced myself to the other 8 women – as sort of a musician.
We spent the evening chatting over tea wine and biscuits and at the end of the evening, id met 9 new cool women, some professionals, and some starting or restarting and unsure of direction.
I came back the next month, and also joined the recording club, and another fantastic meetup called London Songwriters run by songwriter Murray Webster and began writing my own music, practicing on guitar.
The first breakthrough came when I joined Felix’s mastermind program with 7 other musicians.
The mastermind program is a 6 week programme with different music themes (image, marketing, music, planning road maps…) and is aimed at accelerating development. Using no-nonsense coaching and group accountability, we set ourselves tasks for the following week.


Fearless Females

One thing that happened was that we ended up planning a group visit to an open mic as a good bye to one of the members, Josefine Wing. We ended up in the Horatio, excited and giggling, expecting crowds and packed pub, instead the pub owner pointed at a bar stool and a mic and said tell us when you want to start, well turn down the music.
That wasn’t quite what we’d expected, but we ran with it and ended up performing a very intimate private open mic.
After a few drinks, we suggested to the landlord that we could run an open mic for women once a month, and fearless females was born.
Another thing that came out of it was my living room gig concept, tour and documentary.
Felix is a very supportive person, but she had a no-nonsense approach to coaching/mentoring. She is not scared to kick your ass when it needs kicking.
The smart women’s recording club and mastermind program continues to run and now there is a mixed networking group
Smart musicians club.

Pandora’s Living Room II ft. Hazel Jane MacLaurin and Pete Bennett- Live on KtoK Radio


The show featured lots of sofa action by studio manager George, juggling reels of gaffer tape, mics flying round on booms, and support from remote studio manager, Chris Jones. Plus, great live sets from:

Hazel Jane MacLaurin)- pianist and storytelling lyricist, Hazel sings ballads with a nod to folk, classical music and pop, creating her very own genre of music and

Pete Bennett, with strong vocals and guitar, his rocky folk is direct, and engaging.

Pandora’s Living Room on K2K ft. Pete Bennett and Hazel Jane MacLaurin by Sarah Kate Michel on Mixcloud

Pandora’s Living Room on KtoK Radio

I am mightily excited!

I will be hosting my first living room gig… on live radio!
Tune in to KtoKRadio on Wednesday, the 22nd of May, 2013 from 2-3 for live music with some very very special people (I love special people, cos I’m special too):

Annee Patrice of Global Island Groove plays soul with a reggae twist, with beautiful smooth soulful vocals:

Also, Ana Graca Photography, will be in taking photos-Thom Byles plays mellow acoustic with a really interesting two handed slap technique- you got to see it to believe it!
Have a listen:

If you would like to play or be in the audience at Pandora’s Living Room on KtoK, then email me at pandorasdiary@gmail.com