Star Whores flashmob in Munich

On a sunshiney day, at the Bavaria Statue in Munich…
People begin to appear dressed up, and start to paint each other’s faces. A tall lady arrives with light sabres and a yoda face mask. Another arrives in a zebra print and dons a day of the dead stormtrooper mask.

Then this happened.
You can be part of this, too!

Dress to impress the force, and join us in Wood Green on the 1st of May at 5.30pm –

Recording Smell the Roses –

A year ago I wrote smell the roses

10003601_10152354403236383_609580464_oas part of the national songwriting month challenge- a challenge to write a song a day for a month. The bonus is it’s supportive founder and community who actually spend time listening to each other’s daily offerings.

The song featured a lot of hastily recorded layering and since then the song has developed into a kind of group anthem with the audience providing backing vocals throughout.
As you might know, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with two fantastically talented musicians, David Naylor and flautist Maya Curry. For th

e recording I wanted to feature a group chant and backing vocals and invited a number of friends who had expressed interest in the project.


We had a joyous 2 hours at Tigersonic recording in groups, shouting “stop at the tops of our voices ” and some beautiful angelic harmony parts provided by Gilly Spencer, James, Christie and Annee Patrice.
I hope even more people will join us in a flash mob to celebrate staying in the moment and enjoying the blessings around us.
The results will be used in a music video for “smell the roses.
We will be holding flash mobs in April in Holborn during rush hour and in Oxford circus during shopping madness. Exact dates and times will be announce via email/text/pm
If you fancy sharing joy with passers by and featuring in a music video, you can email or send an SMS to 07411982461

Smart Woman and Kick Ass Producer of the Year – Felix Xfile

Diary Entry: 15/03/2014
Today I’m on the tube on the way to finish recording “smell the roses” with a group of amazing people at Tigersonic Studio.

Smart Women’s Recording Club
Well, if you’re a musician it’s time you get acquainted with this kick-ass producer, bassist and mentor.
I first found Felix through meetup- I was looking for a way to get back into music after and 6 year hiatus. I wanted get into songwriting and performing with an all-female band.1655374_532977643482812_2059177650_o I found the Smart Women’s Recording Club
– or maybe it find me- so curious, I attended a Networking Meetup.
I was a bit worried that I wasn’t really


a musician, I was just starting up- I mean id sang in bands but that was way back. But I went along anyway- and introduced myself to the other 8 women – as sort of a musician.
We spent the evening chatting over tea wine and biscuits and at the end of the evening, id met 9 new cool women, some professionals, and some starting or restarting and unsure of direction.
I came back the next month, and also joined the recording club, and another fantastic meetup called London Songwriters run by songwriter Murray Webster and began writing my own music, practicing on guitar.
The first breakthrough came when I joined Felix’s mastermind program with 7 other musicians.
The mastermind program is a 6 week programme with different music themes (image, marketing, music, planning road maps…) and is aimed at accelerating development. Using no-nonsense coaching and group accountability, we set ourselves tasks for the following week.


Fearless Females

One thing that happened was that we ended up planning a group visit to an open mic as a good bye to one of the members, Josefine Wing. We ended up in the Horatio, excited and giggling, expecting crowds and packed pub, instead the pub owner pointed at a bar stool and a mic and said tell us when you want to start, well turn down the music.
That wasn’t quite what we’d expected, but we ran with it and ended up performing a very intimate private open mic.
After a few drinks, we suggested to the landlord that we could run an open mic for women once a month, and fearless females was born.
Another thing that came out of it was my living room gig concept, tour and documentary.
Felix is a very supportive person, but she had a no-nonsense approach to coaching/mentoring. She is not scared to kick your ass when it needs kicking.
The smart women’s recording club and mastermind program continues to run and now there is a mixed networking group
Smart musicians club.

16 days left!

ok… I’ll admit it.. I missed two days writing, but we’ve been really really busy… promoting the living room tour to the max.

So… to recap the last few days- a lovely article published in Inbox Magazine about the gig at 45c Studios in Winchmore Hill.

On Wednesday we were super busy bee, doing a show for K2K community radio in the afternoon, and off to Finsbury Park to the Silver Bullet for a bit of Open Mic in the evening.

On Friday, we’re off to Yasmine’s hometown in Lincoln to cause mayhem in someone’s living room here.
We’re only joking…. not.

Fearless Females on K2K Radio by Sarah Kate Michel on Mixcloud

Jimmy James has released some footage from the Saturday night’s concert… (yes, sneak peak for u!)

Day 20: A weekend of couch concerts- Chapter 1 45c studios

Chapter 1 Winchmore Hill – 45c Studios
45c Studios – hosted by the marvellous Jimmy James

I don’t think words can describe the amazing slushy feeling I had after this beautiful evening.
Imagine: a starlit living room, with a sparkling baby grand, 3 guitars, a cello and a violin in a living room filled with talented people. Some know each other, some don’t.


By the end of the evening, new friends have been made, music shared- and promises to meet again after the living room documentary is completed to share and view it.

Read more from Claudia: blog and her animation and much much more: Princess and Coyotes
Listen to more from:
Rosie Lacey
Annee Patrice
Leahy Ardon
Jimmy James

Ayshe and Zac
(Was even more powerful live!)

The concept worked- even better than I imagined. Still flying 🙂

Thank you to the Jimmy Tree and Cruz Irie X for photography and footage.

Want to be in our documentary? Post your living room antics here

Send us a 30 second video of your living room antics- can be funny, shocking, sad, random… We will post your videos on pandorasdiary
The videos with the most likes on youtube will be included in the documentary. You can add a link to your website/ fb page/ blog etc.
Send your video to:

Thanks to Felix at Smart Womens REcording Club for this fabulous idea! xxx

Day 26- Secret Gigs at Top Secret Locations!

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.”

Since launching the tour I haven’t slept because I’ve been so excited planning everything- I can hardly sleep because my waking life is now part of the dream…So why sleep?


 Top Secret gigs at Top Secret Locations

We now have a gig sorted for Saturday, 16th of March, starting around 7.00, so if you’d like to collaborate or just watch or perform, drop me a line on facebook (pandorasdiary) or

Further gigs including relaxed Sunday K&K (Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee & cake as the Germans say)) tbc.

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Day 27: Why? How? What?

As more and more people get to know about the living room tour, people ask me: Why Living Rooms? Why this tour? Why this project?

I was inspired to crowdfund and make a documentary by my CS (couchsurfing) friend, Armand TJ, from the Philippines who visited the UK last summer during their European Tour jamming across Europe playing various venues and promoting their album. He and his filmmaker, Jess Maddox, raised funds through Kickstarter.

As well as writing and performing, I’m a passionate couchsurfer and a traveller, which is where I meet a lot of wonderful, passionate, kind and interesting people. I have hosted about 20 people and surfed about 10 couches. That and the media got me interested in people’s living rooms- Felix Xfile, who runsSmart Women’s Recording Club, gave me the final push: to combine my passions- what about a tour of other people’s living rooms and couchsurfing?

So the project was born- a documentary of other people’s living rooms, jamming with the people we meet along the way, couchsurfing wherever possible.

I have been very lucky that some really brilliant, talented people have shown their interest in collaborating on this project without expecting payment, sharing my dream, my belief that this documentary has great potential. The project has attracted lots of support including 8 very fluffy pledgers or crowdfunders. This is The Team behind the project- it is growing everyday. We will also introduce our lovely hosts to you shortly.

Indeed this is a scaled-down version of my initial project idea (to do this all the way to Konya in Turkey)- it’s a trial to prove that the concept works.

The final footage will be edited and made into a documentary by Kosen Rufu Films.

We plan to have the premiere of the film in July- you can support the project by ordering with the following tiers:
£20 VIP Ticket (includes sexy glass of bubbly)
£35 VIP tickets for you and a loved one and sexy glasses of bubbly for the both of you
£50 Red Carpet VVIP (includes all above and good bag: EP, DVD, plus souvenir from our travels)
£95.00 Red Carpet VVIP for 2

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Fearless Females Fundraiser for Refuge 13/02/13

Fearless females nights are just so wonderful and eclectic- everyone talks to everyone, people make new friends and many a night we end up with a lovely jam at the end.
We had an accordion player doing covers of Kate Bush (Emma Field), Alexia an impro-singer who got people up on stage doing harmonies within seconds and
Kelly Teh, an artist/producer/dj who mixes sound and music to produce soundscapes

Carmel Morrissey with The Chimp- a musical theatrical take on Richard III, just to mention a few.

This FF was a Fearless Females Fundraiser for Refuge, so there were brownies, scones, victoria sponge, tea cake… and you could even feel worthy about it by donating for Refuge! The reason we chose Refuge as our charity was because of our showcase, Flaming June, an artist who is passionate about educating people about emotional and physical abuse.

We raised £120.00 and had cake to take home to our loved ones <3

Pianokaraoke with Gilly Spencer- Photography by Adam Batki

At Pianokaraoke by Adam Batki

Just needed to sing praises to 2 great people I know who really gave their gifts to me on my birthday.

I celebrated with Gilly Spencer on the piano- she does a night called pianokaraoke
, where she plays any song you like and you can sing with her.. a lot of amazing singers turn up, and it is really fun. On this particular night we had all sorts of genres from jazz to reggae and ended up on a rather drunken Bohemian Rhapsody 😉

Adam Batki joined us, a photographer who took some amazing photos of the night.

Thank you my dear friends!