Experiences from hosts and guests

“Saturday was a pleasure which is still talked about with joy.”

Jennifer, hosted concert in her home in North London, featuring Pandorasdiary and The Portraits and is already planning the next one.

Whirling Dervishes Project

Whirling Dervishes Project

Anne-Sophie, hosts a quarterly gig in her home in Camden
“Sarah started organising living room concerts 3 years ago I believe. I suggested to have it once at my place and loved it so much I decided to host one every 3 months. I had the chance to host 5 concerts in my living room so far. Last one was a Special Halloween edition last year and I still remember the big laugh we all had after Pandora asked for a volunteer to be the conductor for a song. Before that one, my living room got transformed into a street dance dancefloor! It really is a great experience to discover such a variety of new artists in an intimate environment with friends sharing food and drinks and be able to discuss the performers’ experience with them. My friends love it and are now asking me when is the next one coming! The performers often confine as well how good and different of an experience this is for them! It is so inspiring it made me start taking piano lessons! Thank you Pandora!
Is this review what you would expect in term of format, I would be glad to write more but am afraid it would be too much!
Negatives or Things to improve: dont see any to be honest as with the few we did we had Time to improve (making sure people would arrive on time not to disturb the performance in the middle of the performance, group on Facebook created preventing facilitating the invitation…)
Speaking of living room we should organise the next one. What about the 20th of feb? If fine with you, I will check that date with my flatmates.
Good luck in this new project let me know if you need help in anyway….


Lenah’s house concert viewed from the audience

Lenah hosted a living room concert in Brockley ft. Pandorasdiary, Ray Sandoval and Cyro Zuzi
“I was the host of Pandora’s Diary livingroom concert in November 2013. There were around 50 people in my house. Most of them said it was a very good idea to have a living room concert and I believe all of them enjoyed the evening and the music. One of the audience (GUY) said that the musicians were all excellent with different type of musics. Another audience has since become a musician himself and has performed in many places including the South Bank. I stil have a very good memory of the evening, it was warm and lovely ambience, and very inspiring, with lovely people and amazing music. I seriously cannot think of anything negative of the experience. I think for a living room concert, the number of people attended was amazing and anyway I don’t think I could have more than 50 people in my house. One more thing: I would like to have another living room concert in my house!”


Flying Tailor – a popular house concert band

“We spent fun night yesterday and we’ve met so many people not from IT – a real success 🙂
Thanks for inviting us! Hope cleaning the apartment wasn’t too painful.”
Mateusz – a guest at a Camden living room concert

“So much fun on Friday night, thanks for inviting me I really enjoyed myself.
Say thanks to Sarah again for me and let me know when the guys put out their new CD, I want to buy it!!”
Sonia (guest at Joel Havea + Flying Tailor Living Room Gig)
This is so cool – I’ve never heard about this before – you’ve got to let me know when the next one is!” 
Sofia (guest at Median Rd Living Room Gig)

If you would like to know more about hosting or attending a living room concert, please get in touch by email pandorasdiary@gmail.com